Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cadeaux de Noel

  If you're wondering what the title of this post means, it simply means Christmas presents in French! 
With the spirit of Christmas and my family down from Canada I felt a french title is appropriate for this post. If not, well... I did it anyway! Well here is a little sneak peak at some of my Christmas Presents. 

 Miss Dior Cherie Perfume Gift Set
I've been dying to have this perfume and I was so shocked/happy when I opened one of my gifts and this was it! It smells so good!!
 Oversized Clutch
I almost died when I recieved this gift...this is my first oversized clutch and I'm completely obsessed!

 Sam Edelman "Jaxon" Espadrille
These are like a great mix between Toms and Hellraisers. They're perfection to me.

 I got loads of jewelry but this specific piece is my absolute favorite! It's like a combination of rosary and zen beads, i love it.
 More perfume...
 So glad I got some nail polish! I was defiantly in need for new colors..
My favorite is the gray/cement color in the middle!

My aunt got this for me and I'm excited to use it! Even though I'm not the best at eye shadow, it's not too late to learn!


Since I still need to go shopping with my Christmas money I will make a separate post for some of the pieces I buy later this month or even next year since it's so close! And feel free to comment what YOU received for the Holidays, I want to know! 


DIY: Color Block/ Splatter Paint back pockets

    Before Christmas I decided to paint the back pockets of my acid wash shorts to give them a little oomph. 

 What You Need:

- Acrylic/Fabric Paint of your choice (I chose blue)
- White Paint to make the color a lighter/brighter color (Optional)
- Paint Brush
-Cup of water
-Extra cups to put paint in
-Masking Tape (I used regular tape because I ran out of masking tape)
- Toothpicks to mix the paint
 First, I taped the sides of my back pockets. I then painted at least 2 coats of paint to the first back pocket and then moved onto the next. 
            Not yet finish! 
 I then hung it up to dry, and splatter painted it to give it a bigger effect. (If you're wondering what it's hanging on, that's my inspiration board!)
And, here's the final product! Hope you like it..


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Behind the Blog: TMTV Introduction

Panda Bear Hat- Thrifted, Top- Thrifted, Polka Dot shorts- Forever 21

I'm Naomi Elizee, and here are some random/non-random facts about me!!

-17 Years Old
-Currently a Senior in Highschool
-I live in Florida but I'm a New Yorker at heart
- Fashion addict
-Plan on majoring in Retail Merchandising and Product Development
-My Fashion idol is Grace Coddington, Creative Director at Vogue

-I'm obsessed with perfume (just received CK One as a gift...lets just say I want to bathe in it..)

Magazines I freq. read??

- Vogue (of course!!)

Fashion Icons I adore??

- Grace Coddington
- Anna Wintour
- Diane Keaton
- Rachel Zoe
- Carine Roitfeld

- I'm always looking for a GREAT pair of sunglasses
P.S. I got these from LF, but sadly I sat on them and , of course, they broke. :(

Picture of Haiti I took

- I'm Haitian!!

- I listen to the The Weeknd (His "trademark" above) constantly
- I listen to all kinds of music especially music from before my time

If there is anything I've left out I'm sure I'll post about it in the near future!!

If you have questions regarding anything please email me at