Friday, January 27, 2012


Since I have been so busy lately with school I haven't been able to take pictures of my recent outfits, so here is one of my past "photoshoots" (more like an adventures) that shows my outfit!! I hope you like it.. 

Photos by me and Becca (Blonde pictured )

(Forever 21 shorts, H&M Crop Tie shirt, Thrifted Gladiator sandals, and a Thrifted panda bear beanie)

Occasionally, my best friend Becca and I go on little adventures where we take ridiculous photos of ourselves. This time we decided to go to a nearby park which, by our surprise, was bigger than we imagined. Before we left, I spotted this panda bear beanie in the depths of Becca's closet and instantly gravitated to it. I guess it was because of the pom-poms attached to it or even because I'm obsessed with panda bears that I liked it so much...either way I almost stole it from Becca, but in the last minute i decided to give it back. I regret that decision.


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